3D measurement center

3D præcitionsmåling

3D precision measurement

3D measurement laboratory for measuring plastic or metal objects
Measuring range up to 4 × 3 × 2 m

KSM Group offers geometric measuring on Wenzel 3D measuring machine, with great flexibility and precision down to 1/1000 mm accuracy. The measurements are made by the scan head in temperature controlled laboratory specially designed for the purpose.

The KSM Group’s 3D measurement is particularly applicable to the following objects:

  • Objects in metal
  • Objects in plastic
  • Molds
    Emner i metal, emner i plast og støbeforme

Geometric measurements are primarily used for the determination of components and the products’ actual measures in relation to specified requirements from 3D drawings and tolerances, but the 3D measurements also earn the purpose of ensuring the traceability of the objects in connection with quality assurance and documentation. Based on KSM Groups skills within machining and metalworking, reverse engineering is also offered as data or processing.

KSM Group performs everything from simple to advanced measuring for companies dealing with

  • Offshore, wind and process industry
  • High tech
  • Service and maintenance
  • Spare parts and tools
  • Fixtures and molds
  • Modules and finished goods
  • Control centers, technological institutions and research centers

Big dimensions and small details

Our 3D measurement laboratory scans objects in the measuring range up to 4 × 3 × 2 m with a target accuracy at 5.0 μm + (L / 300.0 mm) μm.

  • Always manned by specialists.
  • Measures any shape, curve and curvature.
  • Specially designed building adapted for measurement technology including vibration-free foundation.
  • Explicit and ultra-accurate output.

Altid bemandet af specialister. Måler en hvilken som helst form, kurve og krumning.

Specialindrettet bygning designet til måleteknik herunder vibrationsfrit fundament. Sikkert og ultra-præcist output.

Measurement reportMålerapport

KSM Group delivers different report types following our customers’ wishes.

If not specified differently the measurement is provided by standard report.