Quality Policy

Kurt Sørensen Maskinfabik A/S was founded more than 40 years ago. At that time the establishing of the firm was the result of dedicated commitment, inventive and technical abilities.

Today we are many more employees to take care of the production. However the dedicated commitment is the same. Thus our strong points still are inventive ideas and solid solutions.

In all that we do we endeavor to be the customer’s connection between idea and reality.

To meet these demands we intend to:

  • Employ, keep and train our employees to ensure that everybody possesses the necessary qualifications to manufacture and deliver products at the right time and of the right quality
  • Have a qualified dialogue with our customers to ensure the cooperation regarding quality, guaranteed delivery and price and thus get satisfied customers
  • Focus on reaching the yearly target for quality laid down
  • Currently maintain and improve the management system according to DS/EN ISO 9001 to ensure that it meets the legal requirement, the customers’ demands and our own demands related to quality of the products and the customers’ satisfaction.